Private Placement Markets Originates, Underwrites and Services Commercial Construction Real Estate Loans. Private Placement Markets offers Flexible Solutions for Financing of Commercial Construction Ventures, using a “common sense approach of financing that allows Private Placement Markets to offer flexible Real Estate Financing options to meet the unique needs of Real Estate Investors in today’s market.”

Private Placement Markets’ Commercial Real Estate Financing Program is an excellent alternative because the Private Placement Markets focuses on the “Value of the Property” and its “Revenue Generating Potential”, thus eliminating the personal income reporting requirements of traditional loan.


  • Financing Amount:

    • Minimum: $250,000 USD

    • Maximum: Unlimited

  • Locations:

    • United States (all 50 States) & Canada

    • International on a Case-by-Case Basis

  • Cash Capital / Equity from Borrower:

    •  20% (if equity, must be "as-is" value equity, not equity value of the property after improvements).

    • Pre-Sales may be a substitute for Cash Capital / Equity from Borrower. 

  • Maximum Loan To Improved Value

    • 80%

    • 65 to 75% for International

  • Typical Borrower Profile:

    • Long Verifiable Development Experience

    • Strong Personal / Company Balance Sheet

  • Maximum Loan To Cost:

    • Up to 100% (may include Land Acquisition, Construction, Title Fees and Interest Reserve as long as the Max Loan to Improved Value is not exceeded).

  • Loan Terms & Rates:

    • 2-4 Years (Five Years for High Rises)

    • Interest Only on Funds Advanced to the Borrower for the Development. 

    • TBD - Higher thank Bank Rates, but Lower than Hard Money Loan Rates.

  • Personal Guarantees:

    • Never

    • Borrower Must be an LLC, S-Corp or a Partnership (No Loans issued to Individuals)

  • Asset Pledge:

    • Borrowing Entity must pledge 100% of its Equity Shares to Lender, and in the event of an uncured default (181 calendar days), Lender shall take possession of the Pledged Shares. 

  • Property Types:

    • All Commercial Property Types

  • Upfront Cost:

    • Valuation: $500 to $900 

    • Site Visit: All Commercial Construction Loan Applications require site visits as part of the Underwriting process. Borrower will be required to cover all travel and lodging costs. 

  • Borrower Financials:

    • 2 Year Personal Financial Statements (un-audited) for all Principal Members of the Borrowing Entity. 

  • Lender Equity Participation:

    • Considered on a Case-by-Case Basis, but not a requirement. Higher Rate of Loan Interest may be considered in Lieu of Equity Participation. 

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